As 2023 alights the flame of determination in people across the world, I thought I would introduce myself and give my thoughts on resolve.

First off, hello. My name is Robin Adelmann; I am the new Kitchen Manager at Unrefined.

I have ten years of kitchen experience, from helping open Moosehead Hoof and Ladder in Olmsted Falls, to managing the kitchen at Treehuggers in Berea, and, most recently, working in partnership with Unrefined at The Grocery in Hingetown.

When Riley offered me the manager position, I promised her that I would always keep our clients as my #1 priority. Client safety and satisfaction is going to be the main thing that motivates me on this new journey with Unrefined.

I vow to all the clients, and friends, of Unrefined that I will do everything I can to keep you 100% happy and fix any problems when there is an issue.

Please email if you have any quality or general concerns [email protected].

Which brings me to resolutions.

I feel like resolutions are the Achilles Heel of a lifestyle adjustment. They are too specific, prone to being an “all-or-nothing” ultimatum, and invariably set someone up to fail, usually in January.

When someone says, “I will not have any chocolate for 2023.”, they are setting themselves up for guilt, anxiety, and failure. One slip up and the person risks throwing away all their progress.

Why not try something broader: “I resolve to cut down on my sugar consumption whenever possible.”

This resolution leaves room for the person to have a moment of weakness: Let’s say, for example, you ate chocolate every day in 2022. In 2023, you find you are successfully eating zero chocolate, but binge on a bunch of Valentine’s chocolates on February 14th .

You haven’t failed your resolution, not even close. For the last 45 days you would have had 45 days less chocolate than in 2022. That’s pretty impressive!

I find that it is better to look at a lifestyle change as a whole, and not in a linear path.

Sure, you had chocolate on February 14th, but if you looked at the calendar in December 2023, you’d probably see over 300+ days with zero chocolate. A couple of sporadic moments when you treated yourself to a bar of chocolate will NOT undo ALL the other successes you had throughout the year.

My resolution for 2023 is: “To keep moving forward with my health journey.”

I can guarantee everyone reading this that I WILL fail in my resolution from time to time, but I vow to myself that I will always get back up and push forward.

Don’t look back.

The way out is through.

Nice to meet you all,

Robin Adelmann.