One of our goals at Unrefined is to help you build a healthy relationship with food and understand that you don’t have to restrict yourself. We give you homemade food with premium ingredients that is nutritious and full of flavor as well. Through the consistency of our meals you can build and sustain healthy habits that will allow you to avoid fad diets and turn healthy eating into a lifestyle. Our Nutritionist, Hawa Maiwand talks about food guilt and how to avoid it during the holidays.

Avoiding Food Guilt During the Holidays

The holidays often bring up negative feelings surrounding eating habits, with something known as ‘food guilt.’ Here are a few tips on how to avoid this and feel good this holiday season!

– Remember that it’s okay to indulge during the holidays—the key is moderation.
– Remind yourself that you don’t eat these foods every day, so you can treat yourself. 

– One day of eating does not reflect your overall health. It’s better to live a balanced lifestyle than a rigid one where you can’t enjoy time spent with loved ones due to being overwhelmed by the food you’re eating. 

– Keep your mind off calories, exercise, etc., and focus on being with your friends and family!
– Instead of feeling guilty for a few sweet treats, think about all the good things you have put into your body! Ex: water, fruit, vegetables, laughter, happiness!

When guilt does start to set in, tell it to take a hike!

Be thankful this holiday season, and don’t get your turkey in a tizzy over food guilt!

By: Hawa Maiwand

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